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Professional archer Khatuna Lorig, who took 4th place individually at the 2012 London Olympic Games. She is also Jennifer Lawrence's archery coach.


Archery is a sport that involves the use of a bow and arrow, This sport is hundreds of years old and is even featured in the Olympics. The actions in archery utilize several main muscle groups in t…

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AD Classics: Olympic Archery Range / Enric Miralles & Carme Pinos


Sporting COLOR!! In archery, archers use bows to shoot at targets. Each colored circle on the target means a different number of points. Each archer shoots a certain number of arrows at the target. The the archer collects the arrows. How do the archers know which arrows are theirs? Each archer knows teh oclors painted on the shafts of his/her arrows. COLOR plays an important role in many games and sports. Color can differentiate players, teams, points and positions.


Ten Basic Steps in Archery: Step 6 Anchoring - a) The string should touch the middle of the chin. - b) The index finger is placed under the chin. - c) Keep your theeth together.

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15 Olympic-Inspired Exercises to Try Today