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Ollie Moore Recipes

Lemon posset with caramelised white chocolate and meringue

Rich, creamy and indulgent, Ollie Moore's lemon posset recipe makes a delicious dessert that's sure to impress. Ollie includes a homemade lemon curd recipe and tops with the marshmallow texture of Italian meringue, with shavings of caramelised white chocolate.


Caramelised yoghurt with torched berries

A simple, healthy dessert or breakfast, Ollie Moore adds a caramel flavour to to his yoghurt recipe by cooking it sous vide. Served with lightly…


Citrus meringue

A simple citrus meringue recipe from Chef Ollie Moore, here flavour is added with fragrant lemon and lime zest to create a perfect base for puddings and desserts.

Beef and blue cheese with broccoli and smoked pommes anna

An inspiring sous vide beef and blue cheese recipe from chef Ollie Moore, this beautiful dish is paired with vibrant broccoli, cooked three ways, to complement the tender beef rump.


Lemon meringue sorbet

Ollie Moore evokes a sense of alchemy in his magical sorbet - caramelised on the outside while ice cold on the inside. Who needs a baked Alaska when you can have this?


Grilled monkfish with red wine sauce

In this delicious summer monkfish recipe, chef Ollie Moore pairs the meaty texture and flavour of monkfish with a rich red wine and caramel sauce