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Real Boxing Match: Dolph Lundgren vs Oleg Taktarov -

Speaking about Oleg Taktarov, sport gave him the experience of vital importance, he learned discipline, fast reaction and strong will.

The moral values of the sportsman, his active position in life and readiness to defend his honor triggered InstaForex Company to offer Oleg Taktarov to be the face of the brand, as well as the client of the broker.

Setting extremely difficult targets, taking the desired height and uplifting the level again - these are the common features of InstaForex and Oleg Taktarov - a sportsman, the world champion of mixed martial arts, an actor and a TV-presenter, a film producer and a writer.

Oleg Taktarov: “We zazhralis! And now must applaud and rejoice at this crisis “ - See more at: