manual for a stylish life. -Has an old vintage wartime look to it -Red draws attention and works well with black -busy without being hectic. Great use of bold type.

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Poems by George Michael found by a fan in her yearbook. He wrote these at 11 years old. Incredible poems so much empathy for such a young child. He really felt for others was so charitable! He paid for one woman fertility treatment he heard on the news paid for so many others to get well. paid multi millions to charities. On Christmas would pack his suv with gifts and food then go to the streets where the poor people were suffering and make their Christmas special. He loved Christmas but…

Rookie » Rookie Yearbook Two Just discovered this online mag and the brilliant 17 year old who runs it. Would love to support her by buying this when I have the extra change.

Students walking from dorms to class, from Corks & Curls, the UVA yearbook (1957 edition, vol. 69, pp. 68). Why do they look so old and serious? Also, Kent-Dabney?

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