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F. G. Bullen (50) was electrocuted in 1923 and placed in his coffin before the undertaker noticed that he had not in fact died from the several electric shocks administered. Officials had to take him out of his coffin, place his unconscious body back in the electric chair, and shock him again before the undertaker would agree to remove the body from the death chamber.

Homemade Rabbit Treats

Very simple homemade bunny treat using bananas, carrots, and rabbit food. Definitely making these for Chanel when she gets old enough to be introduced to veggies.

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Dollhouse Miniature Old Sparky Wood Electric Chair [AZ-P6630] - $31.95 : Mainly Minis Dollhouse Miniatures

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The now-retired "Old Sparky" electric chair on exhibit at the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville. Ted Bundy is among 240 inmates executed in Florida's electric chair since 1924.

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Old Sparky: The Electric Chair and the History of the Death Penalty (Hardcover)

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SPARKY – A1100277