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This creative game develops patience and perseverance. The wood texture and the natural wool softness add a tactile quality. Once finished, WOODY becomes a beautiful decorative object, composed from french wooden shape and organic wool from french sheep. Wool is produced by one of the last french woolen mill. A alternative to knitting with a lovely result! Les Jouets Libres makes simple and old-fashioned wooden toys for children, that are produced in France from sustainable materials. W...

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Wooden Rubber Band Powered Boat

Wooden Rubber Band Powered Boat: Only £4.99 from Toyday Toyshop. Toyday traditional & classic toys is an old fashioned toy shop on the high street and online. Merchants of traditional and classic toys, Toyday's focus is on good old fashioned customer service & traditional value.

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Fish and chips felt play food

READY TO POST!!!!! Fish and chips felt play food pack includes: 1 battered fish 8 chips 1 slice of lemon 1 sachet of tomato sauce all wrapped up classic old-fashioned way, in the newspaper All my food is handmade, non toxic, combination of machine and hand-stitching and embroidery, few pieces are secured with fabric glue. Your children will simply love it! Lot of care is taken creating the felt food as safe as possible for children, but as with all the toys, there are possible small parts...

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How To: Make a Shoe-Box Guitar

Consider this old-fashioned geetar a much needed break from Rock Band. (You might want to start saving the rubber band that wraps your daily newspaper, by the way.)

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19 retro sweets that need to be brought back IMMEDIATELY

A postcard from "The Museum of Childhood" Edinburgh which I love visiting, for postcards and of course the nostalgic toys and games as well. Space Dust was very popular in the and as it exploded on your tongue. From my personal collection.

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Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: what can we find? And where?

old christmas lights | Vintage Christmas Tree Lights: what can we find? And where? I have been looking for ages for some of these .... we had these on our tree when I was a kid and they are sooo beautiful, no comparison to the ones you get today unfortunately

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Toy Wooden Grasshopper Pull Toy Green. An awesome old-fashioned wooden toy with a bit of a vintage feel. Handpainted, handmade and made in America. A great toy made in America. $20.00.

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Wooden Elephant on Wheels

Wooden Elephant on Wheels: Only from Toyday Toyshop. A natural wooden elephant on wheels made in Europe.

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