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20 Elegant Retro Hairstyles 2017 - Vintage Hairstyles for Women

A retro hairstyle can give a vintage vibe to any look and looks great at any occasion - 14 Retro hairstyles for 2015...x

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If the blue was a little bit darker and the black hair was red, this would be incredible! (And yes I know you think I'm one of those new Harley Quinn lovers from the release of Suicide Squad but I happen to love her and have done since I was old enough to watch the films. I just happen to love Margot Robbie and how she portrayed HQ in the new film, but the original is incredible just the same if not more).

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Bridal Quiz

You are a vintage bride! You love old Hollywood glamor and prefer antique jewelry and collectibles to anything new. Give your makeup a classic feel with muted shades of plums, ruby reds, or berries. Your hair should be kept down in loose, wavy curls or pulled back low at the nape of your neck in a classic hairstyle like a chignon. Add a touch of vintage glamor with a hair accessory like a hair comb or a headband.

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Hostess with the mostest: Mollie King arrived in a very daring number for the Roll Out The... More

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Creating an old 1940s old hollywood waves. After styling and brushing out the hair.. Place the section clips to secure the curls and set with hairspray. To keep up with time you can work on the face and apply makeup.

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Old Fashioned Pony Tail! i usually don'tpin hair stuff. butif someone could come do thisto my hair the next timei actually get to goon a date that would be awesome.

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Winter brides, we're going to let you in on a secret. Don't tell any of your other married or engaged friends, but you picked the best season for your wedding. Brisk temperatures give a glow to your cheeks, humidity is mostly balanced for all hair types,

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Make-up guru transforms her lips into stunning works of art

Using a thin black outline and a variety of different-sized brushes, make-up artist Andrea Reed expertly reproduces Katsushika Hokusai's famous painting Great Wave Off Kanagawa on her own lips

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Jenna Coleman takes selfies with fans on the set of Doctor Who

Hi! I'm Twitter. I'm single and pansexual. I'm 20 years old. I'm a lot smarter than most people give me credit for, but I have my moments. I love the color blue, food is my best friend, and I love people. I may seem stuck up in the beginning, but once you get to know me, I may open up a little more. I seem like the super sweet preppy girl, but i definately have a dark side, so I warn you, do not make me cross. I'm British, and moved to America about 3 years ago. Intro?

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Helen Mirren For L'Oréal

Helen Mirren has been announced as the face of L'Oreal Paris's Age Perfect range of skincare

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Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland captured in collection of 3 million photographs showing the glamor of Old Hollywood to be offered at auction

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old-fashion style, but cute;) Pimp it up with a headband or a flower for that romantic touch;)

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Keep It Casual, A Style Guide #refinery29 White HairMy hair is a very big part of my image right now and too right because it’s very hard to achieve (it's seriously dead). But having white hair has been really fun. I’ve experimented with all the pastel shades, which is quick and easy to do once you've bitten the bullet and bleached. It pretty much makes any outfit. If you're in the London area, I can't recommend Butch...

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