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Was the Lusitania our war crime: 1,198 passengers died when the liner sank in 1915 - but was a German torpedo really to blame?

Lusitania--Sailing from New York to Liverpool, the pride of the Cunard fleet, Lusitania, nicknamed ‘the greyhound of the seas’, was sunk by a German torpedo off the Old Head of Kinsale, Southern Ireland on Friday 7th May, 1915. At the outbreak of war in August 1914, the Lusitania had been handed over to the Admiralty and sent to the Canada Dock, Liverpool, where she was equipped with twelve 6-inch guns. She entered the Admiralty fleet register as an armed auxiliary cruiser, and her armament…


Old Canadian Flag

Following both World Wars legislative attempts were made by Parliament to come up with a national flag. Predictably it foundered on disagreements between English Canada and French, As the years passed, the unofficial Canadian Red Ensign moved closer and closer to official status. On February 15, 1965, however, the great debate ended with the adoption of the red and white flag bearing the maple leaf.


Our Canadian hearts are broken along with the rest of the Nations around the world for those in Connecticut..We are praying for you..


The Lamb and Flag of Preston, Lancashire


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It's funny because before the revolution America was Ina period termed salutary neglect which England ended with the sugar acts, etc. so yes. Neglecting your colony is bad


Union flag. I'd love to paint the Canadian flag on my own row boat. :)


Ottawa, ON Feb 15, 1965 Old Canadian Flag being lowered for last time on Parliament Hill - landscape version. Source - LAC

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