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Lamb and Flag, 400 yr old Pub, Covent of my favourite old man pubs :)

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If the Spirit is old, she could be Pict or... rather... the symbol of a Pict. Edinburgh would have fallen into that territory. So blue paint? It makes sense to me.

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42 year-old Cherokee Native American man who had been living homeless in Los Angeles.

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Incredible close-up shot of living human brain wins microscope photography competition

The winning picture was taken during an operation on the brain of a living epilepsy patient.The awards will be on display at the Wellcome Collection in London until December 2012 Read more:

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I like this one as the golem seems very old due to it being covered by vines and grass/moss.

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Letting Go of the "Old" you and embracing the "New" You - Blue Quartz Crystal |

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