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Okara gnocchi- definitely going to try this.


What to do with okara (the fibrous part of the soy bean left after you make soymilk or tofu)


Oil & Gluten-Free Okara Apple Cake

Oil-Free ☆ Wheat-Free ☆ Okara Apple Cake


Vegetarian Okara Meatballs


Vegan Tofu Halloumi nom nom

from FatFree Vegan Kitchen

Okara "Crab" Cakes

If you make your own soymilk, you know what okara is–it’s the soy pulp that’s left after all the “milk” is strained out. And ...

from La Fuji Mama

How to make tofu—no fancy equipment required.

In the U.S., tofu tends to be viewed as a health food. Living in Japan really changed my views on tofu, as it is a staple food item there. When you go into a supermarket in Japan, there’s an …


Okara-Cashew Ricotta: If you make your own soymilk and/or tofu, you will have okara-- the soybean pulp leftover from extracting the soymilk. It's fiber-rich & still contains nutrients. If you live in a city with a sizeable Asian population, you probably have access to fresh, inexpensive okara from a tofu shop. This post contains this ricotta recipe, a recipe for Okara Burgers, & links to recipes for Okara-Miso Pate, Dark, Fudgey Okara Brownies, Crisp Okara Waffles & Okara "Parmesan".

from The Conscientious Eater

Recipe Redux: Vegan Okara (Soy Milk Pulp) Brownies

Okara is the secret ingredient in these These Vegan Okara (Soy Milk Pulp) Brownies! Their rich, gooey, chocolatey and healthy! They're my new favorite sweet treat and I'm so glad I found a new ingredient to make brownies and other baked goods with. YUM!