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Great idea to use with MagScapes magnetic wallpaper and Custom magnets. Children - Wall game boards


Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board — Nic and Kate

A new "oil pan" from Walmart/Auto Zone etc.used as a magnetic board. Attach to wall w/small screws or 'command strips' Oil pan has to be cleaned because there is an oily surface feel to it...i dont have kids but this could be used in other spaces as well!

iHelp classroom job chart This was made with an oil drip pan (Walmart- $10), black bulletin board paper and notebook "apps". You can easily create customizable apps from the notebook software. Use magnets under apps to assign jobs to students.


Math center made with oil drip pan. Think I would add money to it too. Velcro to back of shelf.


Make a huge fabric-covered magnet board out of an automotive oil drip pan and some fabric -- for less than $20! Transform an oil drip pan into fabulous play place!