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No I'm going to be kicked out of hell because when I get there, I' gonna go straight up to satan and say, "so, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

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I dunno why. Why would you copy me and my friends thang I mean bitch. We do cloud looking then you do it. We walk back and forth then you do it . What the hell is your problem, oh yeah you have a condition called HATERITISE

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Dammit Hufflepuff…

I'm a hufflepuff! I am proud to just be a potato! Where would you be now if there weren't any potatoes! No chips, no mash and no crisps!

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Men think the display of a woman's body is good until it's no longer fir their pleasure

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8 Crushing Harry Potter Realizations That Will Make You Feel All the Feels

Is This What Draco Malfoy Is Truly Afraid Of?

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three days before my birthday. what did I do to deserve this. what did we, as a human society, do to deserve an emoji movie?? why??? WHY

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More fans than Lori and Andrea!!! Morgan Jones. TWD. The Walking Dead. Season 5. No Sanctuary.

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