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I've always wanted to do something like this, but I don't have curtain rods on all my windows. It never occurred to me to use a tension rod. They are pretty cheap and easy to take down after the holiday.

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25+ Disney's Frozen Inspired Crafts

25+ Disney's Frozen Inspired Crafts - DIY for Life cotton ball fake snow

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DIY Christmas Decorations Roundup - Crafts Unleashed

Christmas season does not only bring out the love and generosity in us but also our sense of creativity. We plan on giving out unique diy gifts and we also make handmade Christmas greetings cards. ...

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Last Christmas - Made an Elf Yourself for our office Christmas decorating. Cut a hole in cardboard covered in paper. Cut out outfit and paste. I had 2 paper rolls on each side to hold so your fingers/hands don't get in the picture. Camera/friends and click the photo.

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Wrapped Pizza Boxes -- Fast Xmas decor! Good lord, I hope they're clean pizza boxes. But you could use picture frames, or just wrap the pictures you have.

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