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New Editing Resource for Photographers

Off camera flash photography via Click it Up a Notch


Beginner's Guide to Off-Camera Flash

Beginner's Guide to Off-Camera Flash by Amandalynn Jones for

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Tips for beginners: How to use Nikon's wireless flash system

Learn how to get started with off-camera flash using nothing more than your Nikon dSLR and an external speedlight.

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20 Things I Wish I Knew About Using Flash

20 things I wish I knew about using flash, flash photography, speedlight, speedlite, camera flash tips,


Mastering Your Off Camera Flash online Bloom Workshop with the incredible Nichole Van!


Trevor Dayley Simple Tips to Mastering Off Camera Flash 2 Simple Tip To Mastering Off Camera Flash (2 Min Read) EXCELLENT

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Easy Peasy OCF for beginners : Part 1

OCF for Beginners | Cinnamon Wolfe Photography | NJ Wedding Photography

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80 handy iPhoto tips and tricks

Off-camera flash tips for outdoor portrait photography. 1 The main light, positioned off to camera right and fitted with an umbrella diffuser, illuminates the face and accentuates the cheekbones 2 A second flash, fired from behind the subject to the left, provides a bright edge that separates her left side from the background 3 The outfit was chosen to contrast with the surroundings 4 The trees provide a natural frame that draws the eye towards the subject