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Homemade Odor Eliminator Tabs

There's always at least one place in your house where you just quite can't get rid of the smell, whether that's the fridge, or your garbage can, or that one cabinet that always smells funky. Sprays and perfumes only mask the smell, and you really want to get rid of it. The best thing to do is use something to absorb the odor! That's what these homemade odor eliminator tabs are good for!


Odor Eliminator: Even the cleanest home can smell a little from time to time. Eliminate house odors from previous owners, dust, pets, potent ethnic foods, or even rotten food. #defunkify #freshhouse #smellsclean #eliminateodor #odor

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Young Living Starter Kit

Get rid of odors, keep bugs at bay, and more scents of summer with Essential Oils!


Use this Non-toxic Pet Odor Eliminator to get rid of the pet smells in your…

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31 Genius Essential Oil Tips

genius essential oil tip #23 (of 31)- there's even a FREE PRINTABLE of all 31…


The lady that lived in this apartment before me must have had 16 cats.. or atleast it smells that way. Trying this ASAP


Homemade Natural Household Odor Eliminator- pleasant-smelling, cheap. 1 Tablespoon baking soda.1 Tablespoon white vinegar (it works pretty well if you don't include the vinegar, too) 2 cups distilled water (use this so you don't grow disgusting mold in your bottle!) Drops (around 10) of your favorite essential oil (use one scent or a combination) An empty spray bottle. 1. Dump everything into your spray bottle. 2. Shake really well before each use.3. Start spritzing!

Freshen your Home NATURALLY - no harsh chemicals needed! DIY Natural Household Odour Eliminator ~ syncopatedmama ❤❤ essential oils with love


Oder remover that works good

Use this Non-toxic Pet Odor Eliminator to get rid of pet smells and replace them with the scent of wild orange. Safe to use around dogs.