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Odd couple - ©Petra Warner / Namibia Photo Expedition / Wilderness Travel[1]/3/

An odd couple :) This is Burt. he has been feeding and friends with the muted swans in Stanley park for many many years. There is only one other person I have ever seen that they allow to touch without retaliating or biting. It is amazing to see how all of them look forward to his visits. Burt is in his late 70's and goes to the lagoon almost every day.

This is such an amazing photo! A mouse rides atop a frog to escape monsoon flooding in India, National Geographic

from BuzzFeed

45 Adorable Animal Odd Couples

Group board of the week! Natures Odd Couples! When the most unexpected relationships begin between two unlikely animals. Check it out!

All I can think about is Wanda and Cosmo were a married couple and this is a crossover of that where it's Dan and Phil as Wanda and Cosmo. Conclusion Dan and Phil are an official married couple