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Rare Small Vintage Blown Glass Ocular Prosthesis (Glass Eye) Child or Woman Odd

Rare Small Vintage Blown Glass Ocular Prosthesis (Glass Eye) Child or Woman Odd in Collectibles, Science & Medicine (1930-Now), Optical | eBay

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With The Center's RealLifeSkin™ and RealLifeEye™ technologies, the “Real Life Center” is the nation’s foremost facility for the planning, designing and creation of alloplastic reconstruction, such as prosthetic eye orbitals.


In real human skin, the epidermis layer (the outer layer of skin) contains pigment called melanin. When skin is exposed to the sun, more melanin is created to help counteract the damaging rays of the sun. RealLifeSkinTan™ is a unique “prosthetic melanin” in a bottle offered to all patients so the prosthesis can be made to match their new tan.


The Real Life Team has created hemi facial prosthesis technologies for even some of the most challenging cases. The above patient was fitted with a custom prosthetic sinus cavity for improved breathing and speech, with a superior dental palate and external nasal prosthesis with superior lip (together, a “hemi-facial prosthesis”).

Artificial Eye Prosthesis is also known as Ocular Prosthesis .It is mostly made of plastic .Our clinic manufactures as well as provides guideline in usage of Ocular prosthesis. The main purpose of the Ocular Prosthesis is to fill the cavity that has occurred due to the absence of the natural eye.

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Ocular Prosthesis

Ocular Prosthesis by ghoulnextdoor on Polyvore featuring art by Arabella Proffer


Keratoprosthesis is a surgical procedure where a severely damaged or diseased cornea is replaced with an artificial cornea. While conventional cornea transplant uses donor tissue for transplant, an artificial cornea is used in the Keratoprosthesis procedure. The surgery is performed to restore vision in patients suffering from severely damaged cornea due to congenital birth defects, infections, injuries and burns.


Steampunk Dynamic Ocular Prosthesis Enhancement by on @deviantART

RealLifeSkin™ Prosthetic and Alloplastic Skin Technology is Flame Resistant. Complete with creases, pores and fingerprints, RealLifeSkin™ is created of three skin layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous. RealLifeSkin™ not only contain three skin layers, but meticulously and accurately simulates the visual properties of each human skin layer it represents.