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Megaleledone setebos, a shallow-water circum-Antarctic species from the Southern Ocean. It is the closest living relative to deep-sea octopuses. The specimen shown is a juvenile; adults reach a total length of nearly 1m.

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DOOT DOOT this is a little horrifying but mostly cute< Squishy from Finding Nemo

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Deep-Diving Robot Discovers Mysterious and Adorable Octopus Species

Would you just look at him? Sprung to life out of a Pixar movie, the ghostly little fella pictured above was discovered last month by Deep Discoverer, the deep-diving robot that travels with NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer. Spotted 4,290 meters beneath the surface, it’s the deepest observation of a so-called incirrate octopus ever, and it might be a new species.

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10 Common Octopus Species List with Pictures


Ok, the species name is not official. Not much is known about this elusive non-identified species of octopus, although I did find it on one ...

Rare Kissing Octopus Unveiled For the First Time

Rare Kissing Octopus Unveiled - Scientists are unveiling a rare octopus that has never been on public display before. Unlike other octopus species, Larger Pacific Striped Octopuses mate in an intimate clinch with their beaks and suckers pressed against each other

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Juvenile Purple-striped Jellyfish Canvas Print / Canvas Art by SMC Images

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Scientist Wants to Name This Cute Octopus Species ‘Adorabilis’

Deep-Diving Robot Discovers Mysterious and Adorable Octopus Species

A robotic vehicle was exploring the ocean floor by Hawaii, more than 2 miles underwater. To the surprise of NOAA scientists, it came across a cute, "ghostlike" octopod. One suggested name: Casper.