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Beautiful You by Stampin' Up! #CCMC438

Beautiful You by Stampin' Up! #CCMC438

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♛ i've seen a lot of complaints about the daenerys storyline but it's honestly one of my favorites this season? everyone says that 'only feminists like daenerys' but maybe that's bc she's a kindhearted person who has grown into a total badass that is currently kicking ass and taking names? tbh she can conquer my kingdoms anytime ♛

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An entry from //SYSTEMATISM//

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I feel like Rip was like 'No no no no no...' And then rose would do something cute like idk, she'd freaking sneeze and he'd be all "Dammit." Because let's be real he's totally smitten with her.

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Make boys uncomfortable - sticker

I obviously don't think you should try to make anyone uncomfortable, but I think being okay with people being off with you when you're just being yourself and confident is no bad thing!

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Make up artist creates fairytale inspired designs on her eyelids

Fairytale: The Princess and the Pea looked rather uncomfortable atop Mr Peleg's eyebrow...

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Pillow Fort Architect 1.5 inch Pinback Button

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EDOM'S ETHOS - Casually Cruel ||| The earth is given into the hand of the wicked | Job 9:24

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