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Republicans' plan to erase Obama legacy starts with chipping away at Obamacare

A Republican-dominated Congress convenes on Tuesday with a carefully crafted plan to erase much of what the Obama administration considered to be its main domestic achievements, starting with healthcare and environmental regulations. Barack Obama is seeking to rally Democrats on Capitol Hill on Wednesday for a rearguard struggle to salvage at least some of his signature legislation in the face of looming attacks over the course of the incoming Trump administration. But the party’s ability…

The Republican Healthcare Plan: Gut Medicare and Blame Obama

13-minute video of Hillary Clinton 'lying' over and over goes viral

HEALTHCARE: In 2008 Hillary Clinton said 'shame on you' to Barack Obama who criticized her universal healthcare plan. She used a similar tactic against Sanders, who wanted Medicare for all, this time around

Doctor’s Orders: Don’t Repeal Obamacare Until You Have A Plan To Replace It

Obama: I never promised you could keep your insurance (cue the video)

The White House's new strategy is to paper over Obama's past promises in order to justify a law that forces insurers to upgrade their offerings, and then penalized consumers.

Narro Reading of Obama blasts Bernie Bros for undermining ObamaCare President Barack Obama said on Friday that criticism from the left wing of his own Democratic Party helped feed into the unpopularity of Obamacare his signature healthcare reform law. Obama has been spending part of his last two weeks in office urging supporters to speak out against plans by Republicans - who will soon control both the White House and Congress - to dismantle the 2010 Affordable Care Act. At a town hall…


Romney says Obama's healthcare reform has 'a number of things I like'

mitt romney jobs plan publications | Romney says Obama's healthcare reform has 'a number of things I like'