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Oak Ridge Museum of Science and Energy. My hometown of Oak Ridge, TN


Oak Ridge, Tennessee

from CNET

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

A billboard at the Oak Ridge Facility, in Oak Ridge, Tenn., which warned workers there to maintain silence and secrecy about what they were working on: the development of the atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan Project. The photograph was taken in August 1945.


American Caesar's Mushroom (Amanita caesarea) - photograph copyright (2003-2013) by Kris H. Light

from The Atlantic

The Secret City

The Secret City - Oak Ridge, TN. Calutron operators at their panels, in the Y-12 plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, during World War II... Gladys Owens, the woman seated in the foreground, did not realize what she had been doing until seeing this photo in a public tour of the facility fifty years later. (Ed Westcott/DOE)


Oak Ridge Tennessee, Home of the Atomic Bomb

from The Atlantic

The Secret City

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on April 21, 1959. When it was first founded in 1942 to supply housing for workers at the Atomic Energy Commission plant, Oak Ridge was a military reservation. Since the end of World War II, however, the AEC has removed the fence that once surrounded Oak Ridge and gradually given more voice in matters of community policy to the town council, an elected body with advisory powers only. On May 5, Oak Ridge's transformation from military control to self-government was…

Welcome to the City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Ancient bell of Shuri-jo castle, Okinawa, Japan; one place I never got to see while living in Okinawa.


Oak Ridge 1959 DOE photo by Ed Westcott Oak Ridge Tennessee 1959