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Brooklyn Bridge Promenade

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. An elevated pedestrian and bike path keeps you away from the traffic. The bridge architecture is great, as are the views of the city. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (by James Neeley)

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Pamela Anderson asks NY Gov Cuomo to put prisoners on a vegan diet

I agree.. but they will just live longer. Pamela Anderson asks NY Gov Cuomo to put prisoners on a vegan diet


Billy Joel to Join NY Gov. Cuomo on Breast Cancer Motorcycle Ride


ameenn: Eclipse drawing from “Fourteen Weeks in Descriptive Astronomy” by J. Dorman Steele, 1873 (Barnes and Co., NY). During this eclipse, Francis Baily noticed bright flashes of light from around the limb of the moon, later named ‘Baily’s Beads’ in his honor.

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Conservatives aren't welcome in New York, according to Governor Cuomo

Back in Jan. 2014 NY Gov. Cuomo said to conservative republicans in NY,"If you're pro-gun, anti-gay, anti-abortion *extreme conservative* you are not welcome in NY". THOSE are "NY values"...and THEY get to decide what "extreme" means, and they'll exclude everyone who doesn't think like them.

Elizabeth Blackwell, b. 1821, was the first (known) female medical doctor. (An individual known to the world as James Miranda Barry became a doctor in Edinburgh in 1812, but upon his death was discovered to be a woman).

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Fracking produces annual toxic waste water enough to flood Washington DC

The deliberate pollution of billions of gallons of fresh water annually to fill the pockets of the greedy Oil and Gas companies. It isn't enough that the fossil fuels extracted are polluting our air past the point of climate change, but now fracking requires that we also pollute our ground water to get the polluting fossil fuel.

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Maps: World War I

Europe: blank template Europe 1815 Hegemonies of Europe-1870 (note: he·gem·o·ny (noun)1. leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others, as in a confederation. 2. (esp. amo...