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Tlingit men in regalia, including a spruce-root crest hat with potlatch rings (center), Killer Whale crest hat (right) and Chilkat robes. Each man holds a Raven rattle. Courtesy of the Alaska State Library, Elbridge W. Merrill Photograph Collection, P57-022.


The remote coastline of north western #Australia is likely to be the first landing site on the continent. Groups of early ancestors crossed by boat from Timor some 60,000 years ago. The Journey of Mankind Genetic Map can prove when this event occurred, but it can only point to what these early settlers did on reaching the Kimberley region; at some point, they began to decorate the red sandstone rocks with exquisite and detailed rock art, now referred to as the Bradshaw paintings, or Gwion…


Lake Quinault Lodge, WA

Rainforest runoff in the Olympic National Park of northwestern Washington • photo: John Shephard on StoreOEP