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23 Delicious Reasons To Start Cooking With Nutritional Yeast

"Nutritional yeast is inactive yeast, often used for its savory, cheesy flavor. It’s vegan and gluten-free and available in most health food stores. It’s also got tons of nutrients, including B-vitamins, zinc and protein." (Depending on the brand,) These recipes are all Vegan, with the exception of one or two which I bet could be made Vegan.

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25 Essential Nutritional Yeast Recipes for Every Meal

25 Essential Nutritional Yeast Recipes for Every Meal - Nutritional yeast has many uses. Not only is it a great cheese substitute, its also high in protein, high in fiber and high in vitamin B-12. Nutritional yeast is rich in nutrients; this superfood is good for cholesterol levels, for energy levels and a good food to stave off anemia. Which is why we put together this list of recipes with nutritional yeast or recipes where you can add nutritional yeast to replace cheese or to put some…


One Pot Creamy Garlic Pasta | Easy vegan fettuccine alfredo-style pasta dish that all cooks together in one pot.

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Healthy Single Serving Oil-Free Pesto Sauce

You only need four ingredients to make this delicious, healthy, low calorie pesto, basil, garlic, nutritional yeast, and avocado, that's it! This recipe is so easy and it tastes so creamy.


What is nutritional yeast? Here's everything you ever needed to know about this humble powder, plus six recipes to get you hooked on nooch.

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The Best Cheesy Vegan Spread

The Best Cheesy Vegan Avocado Spread - healthy and delicious spread you can whip up in a matter of minutes. I love this recipe! Avocado, nutritional yeast, and spices - nothing more! vegan & gluten-free |

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Turmeric Chickpea Fritters

AMAZING 30 Minute TURMERIC Chickpea Fritters! Little falafel-like pillows of bliss // SO flavorful!

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Vegan Parmesan Hummus

Vegan Parmesan Hummus - a quick and easy recipe made with simple ingredients - the cheesy garlicky flavor is hard to resist! |

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Nutrient Dense Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

Lemony, nutty and cheesy. This apple cider vinegar dressing is nutrient dense and takes only a few minutes to make.

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Veggie Broth Mix

The ultimate Dry Veggie Mix! Just add water for the most incredible broth to use in all your favorite recipes. The Dry Veggie Broth Mix is vegan and gluten-free! It's inexpensive to make and will save lots of money if you normally buy veggie stock. It's also great to have on hand for last minute meals!