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Chickpea Coconut Curry With Sweet Potatoes

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Vegetarian keema curry with peas & potatoes recipe - this looks AMAZING - full of protein and nutrients too.

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Baked Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Kale and Feta

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One pot tandoori quinoa with chickpeas and sweet potato. A delicious, healthy meal where everything cooks in one pan! Naturally vegan and gluten-free.

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Fish pie bites

Mini fish bites for mini mouths! Perfect for babies and toddlers who enjoy feeding themselves and a great way of including oily fish in their diet

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Easy One Pot Chicken

Chicken is an ideal first meat for babies as it blends well with root vegetables like carrot and sweet potato. This Easy One Pot Chicken recipe would make a good first chicken puree. Frozen vegetables are fine to use as an ingredient when making you baby's puree as they are frozen within hours of being picked, so all the nutrients are locked in. For older babies you can finely chop rather than puree this and mix it with some cooked rice.

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10 Best Gluten free & Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins and are a good source of magnesium, which is the relaxation & anti-stress mineral. The juice is high in vitamin B6 which helps reduce the chemical homocysteine which contributes to hardening of the arteries & blood vessels. A medium sweet potato provides you with the complete RDA of vitamin A & then some. They contain phytochemicals including quercetin & chlorogenic acid which have been shown to be effective in fighting cancer. #dherbs #healthtips

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