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Old Fashioned Nut Roll Recipe

* Nut Rolls. Sooooo good and fairly easy. Just like mom used to make. I used earth balance for the shortening, soy milk for milk and a combo of agave and maple syrup for the honey (we didn't have enough agave). Super yum!!


This Easy Nut Roll Recipe Has Sour Cream in the Dough

Old Fashioned Nut Roll Recipe

Old Fashioned Nut Roll Recipe that has been in my family for generations. You can't find any like these in a store.


Polish Nutroll ~ My Husband's Polish Grandmother makes these every year and they are fantastic. So thankful I found this recipe online!


Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Nut Roll

Serbian-Croatian Nut Roll Recipe - Traditional Recipe for Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian Nut Roll