How to Perform CPR on an Adult 1. check if scene is safe 2. check if okay 911 4. flip them over, towards you, supporting the head and neck 5. lock listen feel 6. 2 rescuere breaths 7. 30 chest pumps 8. repeat 4 times 9. check pulse 10. repeat

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Breastfeeding Infographic: Biological, Reclining, Cradle, Cross-Cradle, Football (or Clutch), and Saddle nursing positions.
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This is great chart on critical thinking. It gives you a break down of critical thinking skills. The chart offers key words for each level of critical thinking skills.

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reina-de-tazas: Finally done! Based off a chart that I created for my own reference a while ago; I’ve shared this with a number of folks who found it helpful, so I decided to turn it into a kind of infographic. The more I read about the thyroid, the more amazed I am at how critically it is tied to our overall quality of life, and almost every aspect of our health. I’ve experienced this personally - aside from the standard low energy/cold hands/hairloss elements of hypothyroid, I also found…

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