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This is great chart on critical thinking. It gives you a break down of critical thinking skills. The chart offers key words for each level of critical thinking skills.

from Southern Savers

Free CEUs for Nurses & Other Health Professionals

A list of the tip sites to get free CEUs for Nurses & other health care professionals


Tracheostomy Care: An online continuing education course for nurses, medical health care professionals, and other interested individuals. Tracheostomy and ventilators can make even the most seasoned healthcare practitioners uneasy. For many RN’s, LPN/LVN’s, and CNA’s working in skilled nursing facilities, these patients will provide a new challenge and demand that they develop new skills. This course aims to take the mystery out of tracheostomy care.


Excel Advanced

This 6-page guide is the perfect resource tool for those Excel users who have mastered the program’s basic concepts and want to continue further. The guide is color-coded to refer to all versions of Excel, as well as information specific to Excel 2007 and earlier versions. Each subject covered is en

from Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development & High School Students

Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development

Erikson's Stages of PsychoSocial Development | These stages are delineated by age and characterized by a struggle or crisis that must be overcome in order to adapt and continue to develop.


That's social work for ya The above ^^ was already with the image. However conversations with friends, acquaintances and colleagues (across sectors public and private) really was the reason why this image resonates with me! WELLBEING