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Number Talks - A Yearlong Program for Kindergarten - Common Core Aligned

These number talks are perfect for getting your kindergarteners thinking math and participating in academic conversations. They are aligned to common core standards and are engaging, VERY easy to implement, and fun!


Number Talks (math talks) basics with questioning and conversation strategies. Free!


All about numbers 1-10 and 1-20 Number Talks

Pick a number 1-10. Practice dotting it, writing it, tally it, draw a picture adding to that number, color in the correct squares, and circle it on a number line. Great for kindergarten - 2nd grade.


Kindergarten Common Core Number Strategy Posters: {Math Word Wall}

Kindergarten Common Core Number Strategy Posters: {Math Word Wall). $


Number Talks: How and Why

During mini-lessons and Guided Math, I am ALL about manipulatives. Base 10 pieces, unifix cubes, cuisenaire rods – give me all the math things. Especially in 1st grade, manipulatives offer a concrete way to represent a number and their thinking. At some point, this concrete thinking has to begin to transition into abstract and mental math processes....


A really popular outdoor maths activity for FS1 that also promoted a lot of talk and PSED. Outdoor Maths Ideas - Twinkl Blog