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SSBN-730: More firepower right here than every bomb, dropped by every country, in every war combined. This is why we are a superpower. You're welcome.

from Business Insider

The US Navy is hoping its new nuclear submarine will be the stealthiest ever


In World War II it became common practice for the submarines of the Royal Navy to fly the Jolly Roger on completion of a successful combat mission where some action had taken place, but as an indicator of bravado and stealth rather than of lawlessness. For example in 1982 returning from the Falklands conflict HMS Conqueror flew the Jolly Roger depicting one dagger for the SBS deployment to South Georgia and one torpedo for her sinking of the Argentinian Cruiser Belgrano. The Jolly Roger is…


Britain's third £1 billion Astute Class nuclear submarine, Artful, was lowered into the water at Barrow-in-Furness on Saturday, 17 May.

Delta I class submarines in late '90's waiting for scrapping

from the Guardian

Russian nuclear submarine blaze injures nine after crew remain inside

Firefighters spray water on the Yekaterinburg nuclear submarineDecember 29, 2011 K-84 nuclear submarine incident,