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Nra Lobbying

from We Heart

Frank Spindler is back with a classy canalside restaurant on Berlin's hottest foodie strip...

Gallery - Das neue SPINDLER Restaurant in Kreuzberg am Paul-Lincke-Ufer


More guns is not the solution. Would you give more alcohol to a drunk driver? Would you give more drugs to a drug addict? Why do idiots think more guns will help solve gun violence?

STOP THE NRA! NRA-backed Republicans want to PUNISH Rep. John Lewis and Democrats for their sit-in to stop gun violence. We need to stop them RIGHT NOW. Add your name to join us in standing against the gun lobby:

from Business Insider

A searing new report claims opioid drugmakers spent 8 times as much as the NRA on lobbying

New AP report says opioid drugmakers outspent the NRA on lobbying 8:1 - Business Insider

Colt Shoulder-Stocked Revolver- From Indian brave to buffalo hunter, this shoulder gun would have been prized by either in the 1870s-80s. This .45 ca Colt Single Action Army revolver has embellishments in both silver and gold and a longer barrel to match that golden skeletonized shoulder stock. Like the original Buntline revolvers, this modern production six-gun also has a folding rear sight that neatly nestles in the frame’s topstrap. At the NRA National Firearms Museum lobby at Fairfax…


How can you think the solution is to arm teachers and ask them to stand up to gun-waving lunatics when you can't even stand up to an NRA lobbyist?

"pro-lifer" tolerating 3,387 U.S. children injured or killed by guns in 2015 alone. "ALL STAR' as a top recipient of NRA $$$ and as a Gun Lobby-agenda Speaker of the House. Running for re-election, 2016.


Mental health coverage was a budget casualty and you see the price in an explosion of homeless and displaced fellow humans. This is the higher cost of desperation.