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Novelty Contact Lenses

It’s that time of year again like many national newspapers here at Valli Opticians we have published a blog warning party-goers and trick or treater’s of the risks of wearing novelty contact lenses for the Halloween celebrations. Do you really want to risk blindness? Don't go to go to a qualified registered opticians. To find out more visit


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Look priceless wearing these barcode novelty contact lenses . These bold white lenses with a awesome barcode design will give you a striking new look. Everyone will not be able to keep their eyes off you!  Transform your look with Crazy Contact Lenses . These contact lenses give you a fantastic choice, from natural looking colour lenses to scary Halloween designs. Contact Lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Their 42% water content ensures that your eyes stay hydrated and…

Stand out with our amazing black cross contact lenses . These novelty contact lenses have a black cross on a white background that covers your natural eye colour, creating an awesome freaky look. Contact Lenses combine all-day comfort with unique contact lens designs. Each crazy contact lens is made of patented Hydrogel material, which is safe, comfortable and keeps your eyes hydrated all day long. Contacts look amazing and can be worn again and again. Sold As A Pair Lasts For 1…

The first part made me go like "WHAT KIND OF AWFUL PERSON WOULD EVER TEASE CLINT ABOUT THAT?!?!" and then I was like "Well then....He's handling it better than I thought..."

from Look Magazine

Why Halloween Contact Lenses Are A Big Health Risk

Why Coloured Contact Lenses Are A Big Health Risk #LookMagazine #Fashion

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