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Underwater Photography by Ilse Moore

I run to the river and dive straight in. I pray that the water will drown out the din, but as the water fills my mouth it couldn't wash the echoes out. I try to shake away the sound and it swallows me whole till there's nothing left inside my soul as empty as that beating drum, but the sound has only just begun.

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16 Intricate Angels Who Could Fit Into Evangelion

Do you remember the first time you saw Evangelion? It was weird, insane, stressful, and made your heart beat so fast that is consumed all of your attention

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I've dug myself a hole here. I only say things when I think they're important or when I know I have the right answer, so I have a reputation for being super smart, making it embarrassing for me when I don't live up to expectations and everyone's like "wow I thought you'd get full marks but no" or "yay I beat you! That means I'm smart!" Which okay good for them, but it doesn't make me feel that great.


I could concentrate on nothing but him dimples. They were so endearing that I knew girls all over must fall for him, much like I did. But I am no girl. And he is not homosexual. It is not meant to be. Was not meant to be. I must move on. He is not... As you might say... Inclined to love me. - Hetty