““Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ~ Kahlil Gibran // Search "How to Fall in Love with Yourself" on elephantjournal.com for our…”

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Wisdom Quote ~ "Do not learn how to react. Learn how to respond." Buddha... #Peace and #Love #SWaGKing

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People don't naturally think outside the box. Big picture is God's picture. It takes time to turn a big ship around. I can not wait to watch Him begin to work! It is not at all what I thought it might be which is even more awesome. Love comes in all different forms. He had to show me to think different first.

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Don’t settle… wait for the one who treats you like an investment; not a test drive. Someone who inspires you to be at your best… One who looks beyond your outer beauty and falls in love with your soul. - Steve Maraboli

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I get the 'let it go' bit, however, i don't understand 'forgive but don't forget'. Surely if you don't forget than you haven't really forgiven....No???

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Not a day passes by, Dad that you don’t cross my mind. Not all of you departed when you left our earth behind. In my heart there is a place that only you can hold. Filled with loving memories more priceless than gold. I know you still hear me Dad so please know this is true that everything I am today is all because of YOU. Toni Kane – FREE TO SHARE – In Loving Memory Cards For Dad On Facebook

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