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Not everyday is good but I'm living anyway. My loved is not loving me beck same way but I keep loving you anyway. If no one tell the truth be honest anyway!!!

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Even when I realized I could not trust you, I still could not stop myself from loving you. Even when I realized you didn't deserve me, I still felt like I deserved you. Because I had already given so much of me, and invested so much time and energy, that it just didn't seem fair to have to walk away with nothing but heartache and pain.

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Sometimes I'm a dumbass. Men are sometimes. You are still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and when we're together I'll make you feel like it. Every day. I pamper the women I'm with but you i would move the world for. After I kiss you to sleep. You women really are such beautiful creatures and I found the most beautiful one. You can't compare Russians to Angels. It's just not fair

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Why! Indeed. One day I will see you in heaven and find out the answer. But once there I won't care about the why...

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