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The Crown Bar, Belfast. A must do when in Belfast. This pub in incredibly beautiful and has so much history, dating back to 1849! by agustinchito, via Flickr


STOP BARBARIC HUNTS ... ACT NOW ... TELL ... Northern Ireland : Ban Fox and Stag Hunting ! Hunting is a cruel and archaic pastime that has no place in modern society. We request that Northern Ireland respects its wildlife and enforces a ban on hunting. Protect our natural wildlife


Sensationalist Pink News headline: the DoH has lodged an appeal against a NIrish Judge's decision that the British DoH can decide on NIreland's blood ban for gays because of its constitutional implications - not because they actually agree with NIrish policy.

Northern Ireland Assembly elections show internal party cultures, not the electoral system, prevent equal opportunities for women in politics. Post by Claire McGing. Image by Amanda Slater