North Vietnamese Army infantrymen. The machine gunner armed with an RPD appears to be wearing a U.S. M56 pistol belt (vertical weave) with a M67 20rnd magazine pouch attached to it, in addition to his RPD ammunition bag. One of the tankers also carries a Type 56 assault rifle with a folding stock.

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Perched on a tank, soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) go through the gates of the South Vietnamese presidential palace, 30 April 1975

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Cathrine Leroy Female Combat Photographer

"In 1968 Catherine Leroy, one of the first female combat photographers of the Vietnam War era, surprised her North Vietnamese captors by photographing and interviewing them when they returned her cameras as they released her from detention. The photograph ended up on the cover of Life magazine."

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What the enemy looked like. North Vietnamese Army soldier. Just another young man, doing his patriotic duty for his country.

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Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese Communist revolutionary leader who was prime minister (1945–1955) and president (1945–1969) of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). He was a key figure in the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945, as well as the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the Việt Cộng (NLF or VC) during the Vietnam War.

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An U.S plane is burning on the Khe Sanh American base, as North Vietnamese divisions, operating out of the DMZ that separates North and Sout...

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On 30 April 1975 soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army entered Saigon, in the south of Vietnam, capturing the presidential palace and assuming control of the country. The last remaining American millitary scrambled to safety from their embassy roof. Many of those who worked closely with the US feared for their lives, but many more flooded the streets to see the tanks take up their positions.

21 May 1969, A Shau Valley, Vietnam --- Injured paratroopers with the 101st Airborne make their way down 'Hamburger Hill' past a wounded col...

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