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North Vietnamese Army infantrymen. The machine gunner armed with an RPD appears to be wearing a U.S. M56 pistol belt (vertical weave) with a M67 20rnd magazine pouch attached to it, in addition to his RPD ammunition bag. One of the tankers also carries a Type 56 assault rifle with a folding stock.


ca. 1969, near Michelin, Vietnam --- Two dead North Vietnamese army soldiers killed in action near Michelin, Vietnam. --- Image by © Tim Page/Corbis


Perched on a tank, soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) go through the gates of the South Vietnamese presidential palace, 30 April 1975


Marines Disembark, Hill 502, 1969 "A Temporary Home: Leathernecks of the 7th Marine Regiment disembark from a Marine helicopter atop Hill 502, west-southwest of here, during Operation Oklahoma Hills, a multi-battalion operation directed at North Vietnamese Army units in and around Happy Valley."

North Vietnamese Army soldiers wore a variety of headgear, the most common a pith-type helmet made of pressed paper or even of plastic, with a five-pointed star insignia. Viet Cong troops often wore the floppy cotton hat in the field.