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wendigo - is a supernatural creature that is part of the mythology of the indigenous people of North America Ojíbuas . According to mythology, the Wendigo is formed from a human either , now hungry for a hard winter, and to feed , ate his own companions . After perpetuate cannibalistic acts long, turns out to be this monster and gains many attributes to hunt and feed more like , for example , can imitate the human voice , climb trees ,


This is an iron version of Ragnar's emblem, the raven, a strong symbol of his relationship to Odin.The raven also appears on the flag of his Viking craft. In Norse legend a pair of ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world and take information to Odin.

I think I need to read more into Norse Mythology--- Norse Mythology is the bomb

Wolves In Norse Mythology

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Thor and the Giants An Old Norse Legend - Anita Feagles - Gertrude Barrer-Russell - 1968 - Vintage Book

Thor and the Giants An Old Norse Legend Written by Anita Feagles Illustrated by Gertrude Barrer-Russell Young Scott Books, 1968 48 Pp. Hardcover