Students will forget they are doing math problems while working through this fun color by number activity. Each answer to a question will require the student to shade a portion of the diagram in the indicated color.Questions ask for responses as a percentage of the population and approximations of the number of people/items in the given set.

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Animator Shuyi Chiou and the folks at CreatureCast give an adorable introduction to the central limit theorem – an important concept in probability theory that can reveal normal distributions (i.e. bell curves) across data that does not appear to fit a normal distribution curve.

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Normal Distribution

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This activity consists of 10 stations. Each station gives a data set (in words) that is normally distributed and gives the mean and standard deviation of that data set. Students are then asked at least 3 questions about that data set that involve finding the z-score and using a z-score table.

Students will practice calculating and interpreting z-scores, normal distribution, and standard deviation in real world contexts by working through these 20 task cards. These are challenging and diverse questions that require students to read carefully. 8-12 $

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