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Standard deviation & bell curves. Some people do not think of this anymore. They expect everyone to be at the top.


The central limit theorem, explained with bunnies and dragons

Animator Shuyi Chiou and the folks at CreatureCast give an adorable introduction to the central limit theorem – an important concept in probability theory that can reveal normal distributions (i.e. bell curves) across data that does not appear to fit a normal distribution curve.


Normal Distribution Color by Number

Students will forget they are doing math problems while working through this fun color by number activity. Each answer to a question will require the student to shade a portion of the diagram in the indicated color.Questions ask for responses as a percentage of the population and approximations of the number of people/items in the given set.

Normal Distribution, Standard Deviation, Z-Scores Task Cards

Students will practice calculating and interpreting z-scores, normal distribution, and standard deviation in real world contexts by working through these 20 task cards. These are challenging and diverse questions that require students to read carefully. 8-12 $