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Icelandic occult symbols. And Bjork's vegvisir tattoo!

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Symbols on the reverse of a Pictish cross slab, known as 'Rodney's Stone', from Dyke Parish Church, Brodie, Moray in Scotland

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Viking Runes ---could do a Runic Word Search, or pair it with something else - leather carving? Let people carve their name in runes in wood, or soapstone? :) For a nominal materials fee perhaps?

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941282_595847267101558_824015993_n.jpg 455×750 pixels

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i want to get the viking symbols honoring my scandinavian heritage. strength, fertility, the self, warrior, and journey.

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A basic introduction to Anglo-Saxon runes, a northern European writing system they imported into England.

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heart 41 #This is the Lukkustafir. It is a Norse symbol made from the Rune Stones. It is said that no bad luck or harm will come to the person wearing it. You can put it on paper, carve it, use it in magical workings. Many people will paint it on their walls at home before wallpapering over it. #celtic #tattoos

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I learnt a new word today. Hygge . (Pronounced hooguh) Without realising it - I've been practising the very Danish art of 'well-b...

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Celtic Isle Design, Isle of Luing,

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James Newman Gray - Scandinavian Copy

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