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Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and The Machine by Norbert Wiener


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How augmented reality technology erases the human v machine boundary

How augmented reality technology erases the human v machine boundary: Apps such as Pokémon Go turn physical space into a game – and as technology has done since the telegraph, we are subtly distributed via these connected tools


M.I.T. Scholar’s 1949 Essay on Machine Age Is Found

"In 1948 [Norbert Wiener] had published 'Cybernetics,' a landmark theoretical work that both foreshadowed and influenced the arrival of computing, robotics and automation. Two years later, he wrote 'The Human Use of Human Beings,' a popularization of those ideas and an exploration of the potential of automation and the risks of dehumanization by machines."


Хованщина (Khovanshchina) (1880) //Модест Петрович Мусоргский (Modest Mussorgsky) // Ferruccio Furlanetto, Christopher Ventris, Herbert Lippert, Ain Anger, Andrzej Dobber, Elena Maximova, Norbert Ernst, Wiener Staatsoper, 2015