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non-toxic paint finishes


Natural Paint Non Toxic Paint Set Natural Paints by LePetitMatisse

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Natural Paint, Non Toxic Paint Set, Natural Paints For Kids

Gluten-free young artists paint handmade with natural and organic ingredients…

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Selecting Non-Toxic Paints to Use on Wooden Toys

Selecting Non-Toxic Paints to Use on Wooden Toys by James Holloway, eHow Contributor. If you're painting your own wooden toys, safe paints are essential as young children are prone to putting toys in their mouth. In 2007, a recall took more than 1.5 million wooden train toys off the American market because the paint used on them contained lead, a chemical that could lead to brain damage. While there are a wide range of non-toxic paints to choose from, some are better for wooden toys than…

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Five Reasons You Should Use Non Toxic Paint

5 Reasons To Use Non Toxic Paint and giveaway