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Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

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Write Fundraising Letters That Donors Can't Resist

Why you should write fundraising letters using overlines that donors can't resist. Master copywriter Alan Sharpe offers practical advice to non-profit groups for boosting the results of your appeal letters.


8 EMAIL FUNDRAISING TIPS - #Infographic by Tom Perrault - 1) Tell a story 2) Call to action 3) Mobile friendly and 8) Show the impact - Thank each respondent and remind them of how they helped."

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for a Nonprofits Google Grant? #infographic #nonprofit #google

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for a Nonprofits Google Grant? #infographic #nonprofit #google

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Fundraising Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Non-profit organizations rely on the generosity of their individual and corporate donors to remain in existence. They may participate in fundraising activities such as annual direct mail campaigns, planned giving, grant writing and annual events. Receiving steady donations each month helps to fund programs and services as well as cover general...


Nonprofit Fundraising Tips - How to Target Businesses for Donations fundraising ideas, crowd fundraising, nonprofit fundraising #fundraising #crowdfunding

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Unique Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

Unique Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas | eHow


211 Non-profit Event Fundraising Ideas | Raise More Money

best annual fund thank you letter - Google Search

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6 Tips to Boost Your Non Profit Event

You already know that events can be a huge boost for your charity’s community engagement, but are you getting as much out of yours as you could be? Review our planning checklist to set your event up for success!   Curate your dream team: A great planning committee is a must, whether it’s made up of experienced staff members or passionate volunteers, and whether you brainstorm over Google Docs orContinue reading...


Which Fundraising Event is Right for Your Organization? #crowdfunding #fundraising Create your online fundraising campaign at