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Banz Mini Earmuffs - Age 3 Months + - Blue Baby Banz

Pro For Sho 34dB Noise Cancelling Shooting Ear Muffs - Special Designed Lighter Weight & Maximum Hearing Protection , Black


ERB 239 Foldable Ear Muffs - Purple

ERB-14243 $6 noise cancelling, collabsible earmuffs

Mad Grit Electronic Ear Muffs For Shooting & Hunting Includes Hard She


3M Peltor Kid Earmuffs Bonfire Night lr 300x199 Getting the kids ready for bonfire night


Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection - Special Designed Ear Muffs Lighter Weight & Maximum Hearing Protection , Pink - $17.97

These high performance ear muffs are the Portwest PW46 Radio Ear Protector. It offers excellent noise reduction with it's radio ear protection. It has a frequency range of FM 88 - 108M Hz, and conforms to EN352-1 and En352-4.


Noise canceling headphones for baby - great for plane rides when there are frequent LOUD announcements that could wake up a sleeping babe