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No Oil Fryer

There’s no denying that sweet potato fries are one of the tastiest ways to eat these superfoods, which have been named as one of the ‘World’s Healthiest Foods'. However, if you’ve cooked them before, you’ll know they can be very tricky to master, and invariably they end up being more soggy than crispy. Here’s our top tips to help you bake the crispiest, tastiest sweet potato fries you’ve ever eaten!

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How to fry tasty chips using just hot air: Healthy 'fried' food with almost no oil? It sounds too good to be true. But that's what these gadgets promise...

Actifry rated the best of the new hot air "deep fryers"


The Tefal Actifry is a revolutionary new fryer that requires only one teaspoon of oil to cook enough chips to feed a family of four with only 3% fat. ActiFry has a patented hot air system and stirring paddle which together ensure excellent all over cooking results. There's no need to shake or stir during cooking, so you will enjoy hands free cooking, not to mention more free time as well, as you wont have to constantly tend to your cooking.

Enjoy an Air Fried Banana Split with Cinnamon Fried Bananas. This indulgent dessert is made healthier with the process of air frying, which super heats air for fast circulation around food in dry cooking. No oil or grease, and all the texture and flavor! #AvalonBayAirFryer #Ad


.@Jenni Juntunen Juntunen Epperson | Healthy lunch: Peppered Prawns cooked in the #AirFryer (no oil salt) w/... | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer


Trying Out the Char-Broil Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer


The ultimate and best turkey fryer powered by TRU-Infrared™ technology that require no oil. Create delicious roasts, chicken and turkey meals.

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#Healthy Fried Pork Chop #Philips Airfryer Review - Eat crispy fried food often with this "HEALTHY" Philips Airfryer without the guilt of all the unhealthy fat. Now you can eat crispy fried food with a teaspoon of oil or even NO oil? This is an amazing way to fry food. #fried food #airfryer

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Air Fried Rolled Potato Tacos

Super Crispy Air Fried Rolled Potato Tacos. Made with absolutely ZERO OIL! No mess, no smell, no potential for kitchen fires. Air frying is majorly amazing, and healthier for you!

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Italian Roast Chicken (Dry Salt Roast Chicken)

Italian Roast Chicken (Dry Salt Roasted Chicken) - Crispy skin and juicy meat awaits, no oil required. |