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We’re challenging you to take on the “No Junk Food Challenge.” Please REPIN if you’re up for it! #FitnessFriday #LiveWell

Are you trying to lose weight, gain muscle or just have a more toned body? You need to check out this workout which is  great for men and women and  can be perform at home with minimal equipment. Every run counts. Every bit of junk food hurts. Do a few pushups. Run another minute. No mercy, it’s


That junk food may seem like the temptation you've been dying for, but when you eat that crap, you feel it the next day. Ask yourself "is it worth it?" Most likely the answer is no, because when you cheat, you're cheating yourself. Make healthy & good decisions today, your body will thank you...and you'll feel amazing. Because nothing looks better than a healthy glow


CAN YOU DO IT?! We challenge you to not eat ANY junk food for 10 DAYS! This includes muffins, chips, fast food and ice cream! Are you up for the challenge? COMMENT BELOW if you're in We got this! #skinnymom #skinnymomchallenge #sugarfree #cleaneating