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ELEMENT LINE Title: No. 5 Artist: Jackson Pollock, 1948 Art Movement: Abstract Expressionism


1984 - George Orwell - Hace muchos años, 1984 era el futuro. Un futuro que preveía la destrucción de la libertad y el lenguaje por parte de un gobierno cuyo poder está basado en el miedo. No lo vas a poder soltar.


Tumblr Artists Pay Homage to Sir Terry Pratchett (1948-2015) [Picture Gallery]

From tumblr user Nicotine-Patches <----- I thought I was done crying. No. No I am not.


Women's 1950s Pants: Cigarette, Capri, Jeans Fashion History

London, 1950. Love the Teddy Girl style. Can replicate with brogues + socks, pants (e.g. checked Cue pants or crop Dotti navy trousers), button-down shirt. No / natural makeup, plain hair or messy high bun or loose braided bun. Not sure about the rolled trousers - do they make this outfit?


Are the most expensive paintings ever worth their prices? A definitive ranking


40 Rare Historical Photos Capture Poignant Moments In History

4 children for sale. Chicago, 1948. Lana (6), Rae (5) [top step], Milton [4] and Sue Ellen (2) [bottom step]. Horrified readers raised money to keep the family together. The money didn't last. Rae was later sold for $2. The siblings didn't reconnect until 2013, by which time Lana had died. Rae said of her mother, who never regretted selling her children, "She needs to be in Hell, burning".