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Which Doctor Who Companion Are You?


Interiors At Nine To Eleven

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Recruitment gave to meme... Twelve leads incoming, Eleven pipelines piping, Ten newbies weeping, Nine cowboys chancing, Eight consultants blanking, Seven phones are

Matt always looks so happy to see fans - he's like a little puppy


Doctor Who Challenge Day 1: The Tenth doctor is my favorite. I absolutely <3 Nine and Eleven, but Ten holds a very special place in my heart. He's compassionate and loyal and genius and caring and loves so much. He carried so much love in those two hearts, but also pain, and my heart hurt when his two hearts did. And, you know, Ten's hair is brilliant, and he's "slim and a little bit foxyyyy!"


This photo game me chills because it makes it real...the fact that Matt is no longer The Doctor. I'm excited to see Peter as The Doctor. But it hurts to see my Doctor's face in the background, faded, no longer front and center. It hurts that my Doctor has to leave after all the laughs he gave me and all the tears, the warm moments. I feel like I'm losing a friend that I grew to love so deeply. I'll miss you, raggedy man, but I'll be here for you for whatever lies ahead.