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Nikon F3. Just a beast of a camera. In production from 1980 to 2001, even after its replacements, the F4 and then F5 were brought to market. Solid, smooth, versatile. Everything one needs, and nothing more.


I Could Stare All Day at These Beautiful Studio Portraits of Cameras

It's true that photographers have a way of fetishizing their gear. But it's fun to appreciate the craft and aesthetic of cameras, just like in these amazing studio portraits by photographer Julian Calverley.


Beautiful Professional Nikon F3 Circa 1982 offered Nikons very first Autofocus Camera


This is the unnamed Greek Nymph that snatched Hylas. In short, the story is: "For Hylas, the child of Theiodamantos, and the lover/beloved of Herakles, having been sent off to fetch water was snatched by the nymphs because of his beauty." (Apollodorus). In Book One of the Argonautica, it is clarified that he walked off from the group hoping to get water to make a meal for his man. His man, of course, was Herakles. (Now, we should sidenote here that Herakles definitely liked a sexy youth or…