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雪国物語、野島涼太. Story of Snowy Country, by Ryota Nojima. location is unknown. But It is not Osaka absolutely. (*It is not correct description of this photo which is now obviously escalating around Pinterest -*冬 Osaka Japan winter*)

6 | Furumachi Geigi - Niigata 1930s | The sophisticated beauty of the Furumachi geigi (Old Town geisha) of Niigata in the 1930s. In Niigata a fully-fledged geisha is known as a tomesode (留袖) and an apprentice geisha is known as a furisode (振袖). See:

Niigata Service Unit, JR East KiYa E193 1 at Daigo in Japan


MensShop SATOU(niigata sannjo)redwing

MensShop SATOU(niigata sanjo)